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BaoFeng 2 PIN Remote Speaker Mic

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BaoFeng 2 PIN Remote Speaker Mic

Post by jthspace » Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:28 pm

I ordered one of these for my BaoFeng handie (see other post). I got it via Amazon for a very reasonable £4.99 which is far cheaper than one for £19.99 I saw on eBay - I hope everyone shops around and not buy the first ad they see. My eBay gripe? Mainly commercial sellers and at higher prices than you can often see on Amazon or even the high street. Shame . . . . ... UTF8&psc=1


Anyway, back to the subject matter. The mike is extremely well made and if they are selling it at £5, what did it cost to make and ship from China? I don't know and, to be truthful, don't care as I have, in my hand, a very nice microphone.

It comes with a nice clip on the rear which will attach to a jacket pocket so if you are in the car, you could easily reach up and acknowledge a call (but be aware of driving restrictions / without due care etc. - again see other post).


It fits easily in the hand and has a very nice push-to-speak bar with a positive "click" so mis-keying wont be an issue.


I also bought a USB to Mike lead so I will have a go at programming the handie as I found the MAC edition of the software on the web. I will write a separate post for that.
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