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The best dash cams for under £150

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The best dash cams for under £150

Post by jthspace » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:09 am

The best dash cams for under £150: The highest rated devices for drivers buying on a budget
The best dash cam you can buy to record your journeys in the car
Our highest rated car dash cams offer HD recording and are easy to use
The dash cams reviewed are priced from £70 to £130
We've listed the seven highest ranked devices in our dash cam guide ... z4zFRcdXsi

Why should I have a dash cam and how do they work?

If you have a dash cam fitted you will have solid evidence of what actually happened in an accident, it won’t simply be your word against theirs.

This evidence can be used by the insurance companies or the courts to ascertain the truth and apportion blame, something which could be very beneficial to you.

Footage captured by drivers is even being used by police forces to penalise dangerous drivers caught in the act.
More and more motorists are feeling the benefits of using a dash cam, especially with the recent spate of cash-for-crash scams.


A dash cam is a device with a camera that can be fixed to the windscreen of your car and work by being plugged into a 12v socket.

Video is saved onto a MicroSD card, but that’s not usually included in the package you buy, so a 32GB card would be a necessary addition and would give you about four hours of recording.

After that it starts rewriting over the video but even fairly cheap units have g-force sensors so if you do have an impact the time from about 10 seconds before that impact and 20 seconds after will be stored in a separate folder that then won’t be overwritten.

If you go a step further and have a dash cam permanently fitted, via the fusebox, then you could be looking at an insurance discount of up to 20 per cent depending on the provider.

All that and peace of mind seems a good bet, but you can spend from around £50 up to £300 or more, so what would be a good dash cam to buy that represented decent value for money?

We reckon a figure of £150 makes a sensible maximum as you get all you need within that range. Read on to find out which one we rated the best.
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