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TDA7297 AC/DC 12V 2x15W Digital Audio Amplifier DIY 2 CH Channel Module Board

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TDA7297 AC/DC 12V 2x15W Digital Audio Amplifier DIY 2 CH Channel Module Board

Post by jthspace » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:50 pm

£7.85 postage paid UK - 5 available ... 1555.l2649

Great for making a small guitar practice amp maybe ?

100% brand new and high quality
AC / DC, 2.0 / dual channel / stereo, 12V / 2A when using, the output power of 15W +15W, peak up 25W +25W
Can be accessed by two 4-8Ω 10-50W speakers
A large volume of small size
High signal to noise ratio
Upgraded version of the radiator, suitable and thicker, better cooling effect. Recommend bigger heatsink if you are driving this to the maximum.
Great fit for Bookshelf speakers, CRT televisions, radios, and other small appliances

Working voltage: DC 9-15V
Power: 15W +15 W
Maximum power: 25W + 25W
Output Impedance: 4-8Ω
Package: 1 x TDA7297 Version Amplifier Board and Silver volume knob

Terminal connections for easy connectivity, just a screwdriver needed, no soldering required
3.5mm stereo input from audio source
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